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Our mission with Axiom Construction Group is to be engaged with the community in the best way possible. The value of bringing opportunity and positivity into the lives of young adults who will ultimately live, work and become effective citizens in this community is unmeasurable. Through strategic partnerships with local school districts, community colleges, trade schools, universities and others, we are able to provide sustainable job creation and small business development in the construction industry.

Despite Axiom’s steady growth, the company still maintains their office in the east Kansas City community where Daniel Felder spent his childhood. As passionate as Axiom is about shaping the local landscape through the firm’s work, we are equally dedicated to mentoring and creating opportunities that help position others for success. “We are in this position to serve our community. You can’t go up unless you stretch your arms out.”

Self-Performing Concrete Contractor

50 Years of Construction Experience

Certified MBE Contractor

Committed to the betterment of the Kansas City community

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